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At Milledge and Meigs, we’ll make sure the vision for your tailgate becomes a reality and goes off without a glitch. Our Tail gating venue and local pros offer everything you'd need to create a stunning occasion for you and your guests. Taking the hassle out of tailgating, and putting the fun back in game day are our specialties. Check out which package fits you below!

Basic Tailgate Package


Package includes 10x10 tent, 6ft table with 5 chairs, cooler with 15lbs of ice, 1 parking space, and shuttle rides to and from the big game.

Ticket Tailgate Package


Includes everything offered in the "Basic Tailgate package", but amps it up with tickets included to the big game. Do note prices vary game to game and tickets cannot be separated or bought in smaller than advertised groups. Check the book now page to see if tickets are available for the specific game of your choice. Also seat sections and seat numbers are listed there as well. Limited amount available at every game.

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